Support Services


CHSR provides direct support to elements of the MHS to educate, train and build capacity in Health Systems research and to directly improve health outcomes. Our direct support services are:

  • Requirements based, responding to the needs of individuals, unites and leaders throughout the MHS to improve health outcomes.
  • Customer-focused, translating research knowledge into actionable policies, processes and procedures that the MHS seeks
  • Responsive and focused, providing support in a timely manner, responding in detail to the articulated requirements and objectives of the MHS

Strategic Objectives for our support series include:

  • Expand CHSR’s ability to respond to requirements generated from organization and units within DoD and the MHS
  • Establish enduring relationships with MHS CHSR customers
  • Deploy SMEs to respond to CHSR-related needs in MTFs throughout DoD

What have we done to support MHS and partners?

COVID-19 Response in support of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Private Sector Care Working Group: For OSD (HA) w/ DHA & USU

Clinical Communities Advisory Council (CCAC): Enabling Support

Women Infant Clinical Community: Disparities Working Group

Data Access– growing demand for advice & engagement for air gapped systems & access to diverse data enclaves

MHS COVID-19 After Action Review

Report to Congress: 2021 NDAA, section 731:  MHS COVID19 Review Panel                                                           

PREVENTS Task Force (launched July 2020) (VA/White House OTSP)

Presentation to the Defense Health Board, ‘Racial Disparities in the MHS’, TBD

Dept. of Defense/Veterans Affairs High-Level Executive Committee Women’s Health Working Group

Data Coordination Services:

  • Education of and training on multiple DoD data enclaves
  • Guidance on the feasibility of DoD data enclaves in research
  • Guidance on navigating the complex process of obtaining access to data and data sharing agreement applications