chsr research

Our research is outcomes-based, requirements-drive, innovative and directly relevant to the DoD, the American Warfighter, and the Uniformed Services community. Our research focuses on:

Population Health Research - Focusing on improving the overall health and health outcomes of service members, their families, and other priority populations.

Health Policy Research - The development, application, and evaluation of knowledge around which effective policy can be based.

Thought Leadership - Providing recognized expertise in Health Services Research and enabling the MHS to adopt an outcomes-based, measurement driven approach to peacetime healthcare that aligns with the approach it employs during wartime.

The CHSR has the following strategic objectives for research:

  • Conduct research that measurably supports MHS strategic goals/objectives
  • Conduct research that contributes to learning and policy across the MHS
  • Expand USU's military HSR capacity through recruiting, training, and developing health services researchers
  • Become Recognized as the thought leader in military HSR throughout the MHS, DoD, and US Healthcare research communities


Current CHSR Research

Below is a list of current topics under research at the CHSR:

Management of HSR in the NCR Portfolio

The CHSR Manages the Health Services Research in the National Capitol Region portfolio. This portfolio specifically includes Readiness and Financial Impacts of Consolidating Complex Care; the study of Low Value Care in the MHS (EPIC 3.0); Evaluation of DoD/VA Joint Pain Education Program; and Primary Care by Remotely Supervised Medics and Corpsmen