chsr research

Our research is outcomes-based, requirements-drive, innovative and directly relevant to the DoD, the American Warfighter, and the Uniformed Services community. Our research focuses on:

Population Health Research - Focusing on improving the overall health and health outcomes of service members, their families, and other priority populations.

Health Policy Research - The development, application, and evaluation of knowledge around which effective policy can be based.

Thought Leadership - Providing recognized expertise in Health Services Research and enabling the MHS to adopt an outcomes-based, measurement driven approach to peacetime healthcare that aligns with the approach it employs during wartime.

The CHSR has the following strategic objectives for research:

  • Conduct research that measurably supports MHS strategic goals/objectives
  • Conduct research that contributes to learning and policy across the MHS
  • Expand USU's military HSR capacity through recruiting, training, and developing health services researchers
  • Become Recognized as the thought leader in military HSR throughout the MHS, DoD, and US Healthcare research communities