• MISSION:  The Center for Health Services Research (CHSR) supports the readiness of America’s Warfighter and improved health outcomes for the military community by building capacity throughout the Military Health System (MHS) to conduct health services research that supports MHS goals, Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) mission and the national security strategy.
  • VISION: By the end of CY2024, the CHSR will be nationally recognized as the leader in MHS Health Services Research. We will produce actionable, outcomes-based policy recommendations and direct support that will improve health outcomes throughout the MHS.


Why is Health Services Research Important?

Health services research is an unmet priority of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs [ASD(HA)]. Critical care gaps were identified by the 2014 MHS Review; specifically that the MHS has a wealth of data but a lack of system-wide health care evidence to support policy and decision-making. The ASD(HA) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) must have timely, comprehensive information on health service functions for service members and beneficiaries to inform policy and program decisions on the utilization and cost of healthcare services.

The CHSR addresses healthcare service utilization rates, provider practice, patterns of care, financing structures and readiness for the MHS. As an approximately $53 billion per year health system, health services research capacity is an essential contribution to informing and reforming the overall MHS. Our goal is to ensure evidence-informed policy and decision-making for the MHS. We aim to accomplish this goal through three components: Research, Education and Training, and Support Services.


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